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Production editors: Claire Squire & Sophia Turner

Production editors are responsible for taking a magazine from a concept to a reality. They must be patient, organised and disciplined. Responsible for the content as well as the aesthetic of the magazine production production editors are in constant communication with both sub and section editors to ensure the absolute highest quality of work is being produced.



IMG_8437Sub-editors: Timothy Clarke & Kai Turner

Sub editors are responsible for the grammatical integrity of the magazine. Occasionally considered the scourge of the writer, however,  a sub-editors role is vital in the construction of any magazine.




Section editors:

Each Section editor has taken their individual talent within the specified genre and used this to develop and enhance the work of our contributors. The end result is a refined piece of work that should demonstrate the absolute best of both editor and contributor.IMG_8452

Creative non-fiction editor: Jade Dovey

Poetry editor: Sophia Turner

Short fiction editor: Louise Pantani

Reviews editor: Paige Lindsey


IMG_8462WordPress Formatter: Daniel Pike & Claire Squire

WordPress Formatters are responsible for the overall aesthetic of the magazine. This involves everything from sourcing each image to the construction and lay out of the magazine. The end result is a fully functional and aesthetically coherent online literary magazine.




Information  editor: Gary Norman

Responsible for collating all of the information surrounding the creation of this literary magazine and assembling the information pages.