The South Bank Review

The South Bank Review is an  literary magazine based on London’s South Bank. The South Bank Review offers a platform for young writers to demonstrate their talents. The magazine contains a collection of short fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry and reviews of the arts.

Production editors: Claire Squire & Sophia Turner

Creative non-fiction editor: Jade Dovey

Poetry editor: Sophia Turner

Short fiction editor: Louise Pantani

Reviews editor: Paige Lindsey

Sub-editors: Timothy Clarke & Kai Turner

WordPress formatter: Daniel Pike & Claire Squire

Graphic design: Daniel Pike

Photo Editor: Claire Squire

Information Pages: Gary Norman

Cover Image: Kat Vourvahakis

Photography: Kat Vourvahakis

The South Bank Review logo: Daniel Pike


Kirsty Arnesen              Tim Clarke             Jade Dovey          Jack Dowd              Oliver Gallaugher

   Matthew Huggins         Muhammed Islam       Mikhail Kustov       Paige Lindsey        Gary Norman          

  Louise Pantani              Jon Perins                   Daniel Pike           Stephen Quinn        Shamara Roper       

Claire Squire               Kai Turner                    Sophia Turner      Alex Walker